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Our full service independent testing laboratory can partner with you to guarantee your product quality. We will help your business maintain credibility with your customers by keeping your company's products in accordance with their specifications. A-Lab has four technical disciplines to serve you:


Analytical Chemistry can provide qualitative or quantitative analysis of materials used in production. Through a combination of classic wet techniques and state-of-the-art instrumentation, our laboratory can identify material type and determine the detailed composition of various metals and their alloys.


Metallography is an informative tool in the processing of materials. It is essential in helping classify material problems and failures. Microstructural examinations and visual evaluations of fracture surfaces provide insight into the mechanism of component and assembly failures.


Mechanical Testing provides an exact determination of the mechanical properties of materials. Static and/or dynamic loading in our computer controlled tensile tester allows for varied test conditions, which can be precisely repeated time and time again, for evaluation of both standard specimens and actual assemblies.


Nondestructive Testing (NDT) involves a number of established processes to identify conforming and nonconforming parts. For failure analysis, our Nondestructive Testing Department specializes in evaluating your material and assists in troubleshooting the root cause of defects.

A-Lab's mission is to respond to our clients' metal testing needs. To achieve this goal, we have outstanding technicians and instruments for all facets of evaluation. Our Quality Assurance department maintains the testing and calibration requirements to meet the competence and regulations of today's standards. A-Lab is an ISO/IEC 17025 and NADCAP (PRI) accredited laboratory.

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