A-Lab Corp.
Testing Services
Mechanical Testing
Mechanical testing provides an exact determination of the mechanical properties of materials including metals or plastics. Static and/or dynamic loading in our computer-controlled tensile tester allows for varied test conditions which can be precisely repeated time and time again for evaluation of both standard specimens and actual assemblies. Tensile and Yield Strength determinations are important mechanical tests, as well as Elongation and Reduction of Area. Hardness evaluations are a required test for many aerospace, automotive, and military applications. Impact testing is useful for predicting toughness of materials at a specific temperature.
Machine Shop

A full-service, highly equipped machine shop at our facility provides sample preparation in order for the various departments to perform their tests. It is extremely important that all samples are made according to ASTM procedures. Some mechanical testing requires fixtures that are made to properly secure the sample for testing. This is done in-house under the supervision of our technicians. Our machine shop plays an important role in providing exeptional service to our customers.